Developing Fully Devoted, Reproducing, Followers of Jesus Christ

The Archer Family Journey to Togo, West Africa

Care Package Ideas:

*We have been asked recently about care package ideas. Please know that we are so thankful to even be thought of but these packages are usually quite expensive to ship so we completely understand when it is not possible. Letters and Personal notes are always greatly appreciated. However if you were to choose to make a care package here are a few ideas. Please feel free to be creative with any other ideas and surprises.


-Cards with verses of encouragement

-short testimonies of what God is doing in your life


-Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (Powder)


-Ranch Dressing Packets



-Apple Cider Packets

-Hot Chocolate Packets

-Seasoned Salt

-Chocolate Chips

Physical Items:

-Books (Amazon gift cards for the kids kindles) They love to read and we can't get enough books here in english.

-Family DVD's or iTunes Cards for Family Movie Night

-Playdoh packs and/or toys

-Craft supplies (eyes, pipe cleaners, pompoms, glue, paint brushes, acrylic paint, etc...)


-Cooking Aprons for the kids (they love cooking competitions)

-Family Games (Uno, Skip-bo)

-Gel pens, Markers, Crayons.

Any other fun surprises...

** Please Feel free to remove things from their packaging in order to maximize space as much as possible. Shipping is very expensive

Reach Beyond your Borders by Joining the Archers


Join the Archers in reaching the Togolese people in Togo, West Africa with the Love of Christ.



Jonathan and Michelle Archer

50 Chemin des Galibouds

73200, Albertville FRANCE

*It is necessary to put a line through the stem of the 7 otherwise the french post will read it as a 1.

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Praise Reports


for Hope


The Journey

If you would like to become a financial partner in the Mission God has called our family to, simply click the button above and use project number (0135963) to give to our account. Both ongoing and one time gifts are appreciated.


The Cause

Serve Locally and Impact Globally


The passion of the Archer Family is to fully serve their creator as a family while encouraging others to do the same. God has called our family to be ambassadors to the people of Togo. Follow our Journey here and encourage us by praying for our family. You can also encourage us by sharing your Mission Stories in your own Jerusalem. Lets reach the world together.


-Continual acquisition of French

-Gospel Opportunities with new muslim friends in Albertville

-Added support costs due to Increased Health Insurance Premiums

-Patience with each other in the family with the added stress.

Prayer Requests

"The Togo South Team exist to Glorify God by multiplying healthy churches throughout southern Togo."-  Our Teams Purpose Statement

-Almost 975 people praying for our family

-487 Committed prayer team units.

-Great Gospel Opportunities in Albertville

-Immersing well in the French Culture


-1,000 Committed prayer partners

-$20,000 for our Outfit and Passage 

-The family as we learn French and live in full french immersion

-Jonathan as he finishes his Dissertation

-Our Support need will increase by $189 in January due to a large increase in international health insurance premiums

Urgent Projects

Physical Ways I Can Help Right Now

-Advocate for us in your small group/church

-Letters of encouragement

-Thank You Cards and Stamps

-Amazon or iTunes Cards